THE STALY PLAN to fight crime is WORKING.


A 47% REDUCTION in Crime since Sheriff Staly took office in 2017.

The lowest crime rate in 25 years!



Dear Friends,

Because of the pandemic, this Memorial Day weekend is unlike any previous one in our lifetime. There will be no parades, blow-out sales or street fairs or large barbecues, fewer weekend trips, no political candidate events and beach going amid social distancing and face masks will just not be the same as previous Memorial Day weekends.

But this holiday was never about us anyway. Memorial Day is about honoring those military men and women who’ve made the greatest sacrifice any person can make – they gave their life while protecting our peace, safety and freedom. While we hope to return to our normal lives, activities and holidays as soon as possible, we can still fly our flags, call and thank new and veteran service members we know for their service, and of course, say a prayer and reflect upon and remember the many thousands who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy.

Despite this pandemic flags are being placed in military cemeteries and some places are holding ceremonies with fewer participants or virtually. People are decorating their homes in red, white and blue and proudly raising flags.

This year we will miss the ceremonies and parades of previous years but we can still reflect and remember the true heroes that gave their life for us and the true meaning of Memorial Day. And, with Memorial Day we know the fun of summer is arriving!

Debbie and I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Memorial Day and weekend. May God bless America and keep our military safe.



Sheriff Rick Staly





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Sheriff Rick Staly interviewed on Oliver North's Real American Heroes